At only 17 years old, Alexia managed to fulfill her dream of conveying her message to the public through music. She started singing as a child, with songs that she learned from her grandmother, songs that helped her to win the first place in a contest. That was the moment when she gained a lot of confidence and realized what she wants to do in the future. Since then, she has participated in numerous shows, contests and events. Alexia wants to pursue music studies, being currently a student at a music high school.Her first memory related to music and the one that marked her is since she was 6 years old, when she listened on the radio one of Adele’s songs, saying: ‘one day my songs will be heard on the radio too’. And so it was. 2020 is the year when Alexia released, together with DJ Project, the song Cronic, which which is on heavy rotation on radios and music televisions and whose video reached over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Her biggest dream is all about music. She truly believes her place is here, she considers herself ‘a child of music’ who only wants to sing on the big stages and people to feel her songs and vocalize them.

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