Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Ingrid Bianca Mihai

Passioned and true, AMI’s music comes from a genuine place. Her philosophy stands for endless romanticism, all narrated in an amazing high-pitched voice. AMI began to pursue music at an early age, and ever since then, her ascension hasn’t reckoned limits. She became well-known to the public eye with the release of the awarded hit “Trumpet Lights”. Shortly after, songs like “Otra  Vez”, “Playa En Costa Rica” and “Somnu’ Nu Ma Ia” did not take long to be no.1 in the charts. Also, her collaboration with the beloved rapper, Grasu XXL, was very well received by the public and instantly expanded the artist’s fan base. She signed a contract with Global Records in 2019 and released “4 Camere” featuring DJ Project which escalated fast to the top of radio charts and reached 14 million views on Youtube. The song was on top 10 at the radio and TV stations soon after its release.

24 K+ monthly listeners
700 K+ followers