Andreea Litescu

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Ingrid Bianca Mihai

Andreea has been in love with flying since she was a child and her passion managed to turn her in a short time into „First Officer Andreea Lițescu”. She is the first female commander at Wizz Air, being a premiere when a female pilot occupies this position in Romania. Andreea graduated from the Higher School of Civil Aviation and attended the courses of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. She practices sports from childhood, her great passion being mountaineering. Dependent on height and adrenaline, during that period she climbed the peak of Mont Blanc, one of the highest in the Alps. Andreea’s success did not come overnight, her successes were due to a sustained effort over many years of training and training. Andreea never hesitates to exhibither way of life to her own fans, thus inspiring them and offering at the same time tips  she finds so important in dealing with life, not only in aviation.

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