Anisia Gafton

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Andrei Alexandru

Who is Anisia Gafton? Anisia Gafton is one of the most popular actresses in Romania. She became extremely well known because she won the originality award of the “Romanii au talenet”. Later, she entered several television projects and evolved day by day, winning the show “Sunt celebru, scoate-ma de aici!” 2022. She is no stranger to the public and is always ready to prove that she is brave and can beat her any fear. Even her fans did not believe that the artist could face the challenges in the jungle, but here the latter was more than happy to show everyone that she is the Queen of the Dominican Republic. In 2017, Anisia Gafton was a co-presenter on “Xtra Night Show”, Dan Capatos’ show, and then her fans saw her on “Ferma”. The latter was also in the “iUmor” show or “Te cunosc de undeva”.

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