Bogdan Nicolai

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Adriana Popescu

Bogdan Nicolai was the scriptwriter for the show “Vocea României,” the morning presenter at Pro FM Romania (2009 – 2015), and the content director of MTV Romania.

He hosted the show “Clubul de seară” on Europa FM, the satirical segment “Care-i faza?” on Aleph News, and the morning show “Los Bandidos” on Smart FM.

He wrote editorials, reports, and humorous texts for Times New Roman, ‘A list Magazine by Andreea Esca, ProMotor, The ONE, and Mediafax.

He is the co-author (along with Gáspár György) of the bestseller ” #LoveIsFun – Love and Sex in the Same Bed” (Ed. Pagina de Psihologie, 2018).

He is the co-founder of Omuleți Vorbăreți, a parenting magazine, and a Facebook group with over 60,000 parents from Romania.

His new project is “Săptămâna Pierdută cu Bogdan Nicolai,” a weekly comedy show that combines well-researched information with quality humor, offering a smart alternative to vulgar or politicized online/TV entertainment.

Each segment of “Săptămâna Pierdută” gathers hundreds of thousands of views, tens of thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments.

With premium content and an outstanding perspective on important events, many episodes have exceeded one million views, and some have reached over four million views in a very short time.

In just six months since the show’s launch, over 200,000 Romanians have followed the TikTok page “Săptămâna Pierdută.”