Diana V

Diana V represents the new artist generation that will definitely disruptthe musical landscape.Born on the 15th of April 2000, in Bucharest, DianaV has beenpassionate about music ever since she was three years old, when shealso started singing. Her passion for music arose by listening to ArethaFranklin, and her musical style is heavily influenced by soul andgospel music, genres with which Diana V grew up as a child. Eventhough she hasn’t had any specialization courses, vocal training orsongwriting coaching, Diana V is an uniquely talented artist, with astrong piercing voice and a particular musical style. “For me, music isair, it keeps me alive” says Diana V.In 2020, Diana V becomes a Global Records artist and releases herfirst single “Bad Girls Get Lonely Too”. The track boasts an incrediblesuccesfor an artist’s first release; it is already being played byimportant radio stations in Romania, as well as having been licensedin Greece and Cyprus. The track also hit #28ShazamRomania, whilehaving received great feedback from key industry specials.With an incredibly strong and piercing voice, and an innate talent forwriting and composing, Diana V is definitely one to follow!

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