Dj Project

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Adriana Popescu

DJ Project is a Romanian dance duo, made up of Gino Manzotti (Handke Giuseppe) and DJ Maxx (Ovidiu Florea) as producers and DJs. The group was formed in 2000 in the city of Timișoara and their first album, “Experience”, was released in 2001. Since their release, in a flourishing activity of 18 years on stage, on radio and in the hearts of millions of people, DJ Project released 9 studio albums. With thousands of hours in the studio, 21 tracks released out of which 6 climbed to the first position of national audience charts, 8 collaborations with 4 different singers, concerts in 8 countries and millions of kilometres traveled between shows, DJ Project became a trademark of Romanian dance music. They also crossed borders and had international hits. Their song ‘’Lumea ta’’ was signed by Ministry of Sound and re-released worldwide in English, after occupying the first position on radio charts in Romania for 40 weeks in a row.  “4 Camere”, directly translated as ‘’Four rooms’’ is the classic break-up story with a twist. DJ Project’s trademark and much appreciated sounds intertwined with AMI’s flavourful voice create a sensible yet powerful track that will definitely help you through one of those rough break-ups. The song was on top 10 at the radio and TV stations soon after its release.

100 K+ monthly listeners
290 K+ followers