Emil Rengle

Romania’s top-act performer, Rengle conquered a wide audience as a highheels showman at Romania’s Got Talent edition of 2018, which he also won. Coming across as an authentic voice of his generation, he is also one of the most influential digital voices in Romania at present. Embracing a universal message of love, freedom and diversity in all forms, Rengle’s life has changed for the better after winning the Got Talent Show. Immediately after winning it, Emil rode a huge wave of rising popularity and love across all communities, brands and media, with people relating to his courage to shoutout and stand in his own truth, to promote honesty and self-expression and inspire others to do so as well.
He is a social media influencer, an inspirational content creator and, last but not least, a talented and resourceful young dancer and choreographer.
Constantly honoring the artist within, expanding and challenging himself, Emil is now off to a explore new territories and started working on his first music album-not because he sees himself as a singer, but because he is a performer who understands the power of music to unite worlds, to spread messages and to positively influence the world.

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