Jasmine Saraj
Content Creator

Let’s meet Jasmine Saraj, one of the freshest appearences which has lately raised a strong community on TikTok and Instagram. Charming and always looking forward towards entertaining people, Jasmine is an uprising creator and a very talented person – apart from her great dancing and singing skills, she is perfectly capable of managing to mix lifestyle posts with beauty and fashion content. Alongside her singing and dancing career, Jasmine has had the opportunity to work in the television business as well, where she hosted music festivals and some of Titus Munteanu’s TV shows. To add to that, studies on piano and music theory for over 8 years, acting and understanding art in all shapes and forms compliment her set of skills.
Work aside, she’s passionate about traveling, sports, connecting with peers, events of all sorts and getting to know like-minded individuals.

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293 K+ followers