Killa Fonic

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Andrei Alexandru

Killa Fonic has a unique musical style, with trap influences, hip-hop vibes and street-inspired lyrics. His first songs „Sesiune pe Vinil”, „Drink și Blunt” and „24″ were very popular. His first mixtape, called ”Lord de cartier” was launched in 2013 and produced entirely by the artist. Killa Fonic’s first solo album was ”Ramses 1989” and it was launched in 2016. ”Lamă Crimă” – his second solo album – was very appreciated as-well. In December 2018, Killa launched ”Emotiv Munteana” – an EP with 7 stories about 7 different women from the Planet Earth. Killa Fonic was part of Șatra B.E.N.Z band – they launched together 2 very successful albums: ”O.$.O.D.” (O șatră, o dragoste) and ”O.$.O.D. II” in 2017. Killa Fonic is working at the moment on his 3 musical albums: ”Homo Nocturnus”, ”Diablo” and ”Homo Luminis” – label KHK, distributed by Global Records. He already  release songs like: ”KHK”, ”Oameni în negru”, ”Chimie organică”, ”Sălbatic până mor”, ”Toc”, ”Mambo” – label KHK, distributed by Global Records – all of them have very powerful noir-inspired videos.


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