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Cosmin Nedelcu, known as Micutzu, is one of the most loved and well-known stand-up comedians in Romania. He began his career as an actor, graduate of UNATC, then continued on the stand-up stage, where, over time, he gained his place as one of the most appreciated comedians in the country. Micutzu is among the most prominent figures known to the general public for his stand-up career. Along with his fellow colleagues, he built what we call today the Romanian stand-up. Their shows at Sala Palatului in Bucharest and in other major cities in the country were sold out every year, so they started touring internationally.He appeared in TV series and shows, online viral sketches, TV and online commercials, even on the big screen in cinematic movies. Cosmin is also an entrepreneur, he owns Stand Up Barber Shop and co-owns The Fool comedy club, but most importantly he is an inspiration and a strong voice for this generation.

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