Mihai Beldie
Content creator

The story of a true champion – With over 13 years experience, Mihai’s main focus is to teach traffic participants to drive as safe as possible. He performed in many important championships, such as:  CNVC 2011, 2013, 2014, CNR 2015, Formula  Predator‘s 2016, 2017-2020 Hill Climb Championship – winning many important titles as a result of which he became a well-known and experienced pilot.

Mihai Beldie is also the founder of Vroom Vroom Vlog, a project which has a clear focus on a safer traffic and saving lives through the information shared on every communication channel. This being said, he has launched a unique concept in Romania. Mihai is a source of inspiration for his numerous followers by sharing his experiences and many tips and infos regarding cars in general.

Mihai has collaborated with well-known brands such as: Audi, Ferrari, Volkswagen, BMW, Sony, PlayStation and many more.

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