Ovidiu Solcan

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Adriana Popescu  adriana.popescu@globalrecords.com

Ovidiu Solcan is the creator of spectacular carefully designed pop-art collages, in which, at a closer look, one can discover interesting details that might escape an inattentive glance. His passion for art started at an early age but studying architecture lead him to start producing magazine collages as a step forward from his mix-media artworks (digital, graffiti and acrylic). The result was so exciting that, ever since, he has been more fascinated by the torn pieces of paper than paints. Artworks of great architects like Le Corbusier and Friedensreich Hundertwasser were the starting point of his collage art. He enjoys working with nothing but his hands. All pieces of fashion and architecture magazines are manually teared apart and glued to canvas.

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