Rares Maris

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Andrei Alexandru  andrei.alexandru@globalrecords.com

From an A-grade Law College Dropout to an unapologetic artist and icon for his generation

His ironic approach to life translates into a borderless hunger to create the unheard, the

unseen, unbelievable. Rareș combines his taste for unearthing new sounds with a careless

and reckless approach to composing.

His actions are infused by everyday impulsive experiences. His music and staging area

translated into utterly detailed visual and sonic experiments. All of it is organically tailored to

his unique, bohemian voice. No bullshit, only fervent, unfiltered feelings.

He was born a musician. Setting living-room concerts for his family and friends was a weekly

event as a kid. Hand-drawn fake tickets were sold in the doorway. The dining table was

named the main stage. The old radio was there to take the place of a band.

At age 18, his musical journey was put on hold to fully engage in Law, his second big love.

As a Law student, he was the first in his generation. But his hiatus abruptly ended when an

ironically made video on TikTok gained momentum, and industry leaders took it too way too


The next thing he knows: he’s starring in the newest art reality TV show, not only breaking

the internet but also attracting a mighty mass of fans. In a handful of days, his life turned a

full 180 when his voice ripped open the speakers. His name was signed with Global Records,

the biggest independent label in CEE. And now, his original music is erratically expected.

he’s coming. you are not ready.

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