Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Ingrid Bianca Mihai

Selly is the most followed entertainment vlogger on Romanian YouTube. He was the first and youngest vlogger to reach 1M subscribers in Romania. His vlog has become the favourite destination of millions of young people who follow his daily posts, with whom he has a strong connection, due to the fact that Selly has a fresh style and a unique personality. He is always appreciated for his communication, filming and vlogging skills so when he has the opportunity, he shares with his followers tips and tricks in this area. Selly is also the initiator of the 5GANG band.His work and talent have helped to develop strong partnerships with local brands and cool collaborations such as those with Academy of Children, Unicef ​​Romania, DoR (Decât o Revistă), Forza Zu, Forbes Romania – where Selly is part of the 2019 generation 30 under 30.Hearing the voices of hundreds of young people who call his name is one of the most powerful and exciting experiences. Many moments like this have happened, for example, in the Vloggers Tour where Selly participated.Fully aware of his impact on his community, Selly often adopts mature subjects, either bullying, education, passion or dream fulfilment, and when he has the opportunity, he engages in various social causes.

10 M+ monthly views
5.8 M+ followers