The Motans

Business Inquiries/ Talent Agent: Ingrid Bianca Mihai

The Motans is an incredibly well-known artist in the Romanian musical landscape. Acknowledged for his catchy, captivating yet filled with meaning songs, he manages to surprise the public with each and every release, surfacing emotions that listeners did not even anticipate. He creates a truly deep connection between the public and the artist. He writes and composes all his musical endeavours, as well as for other artists such as INNA, Antonia, Alina Eremia and Mark Stam. In 2019, The Motans performed sold-out concert for the first time at Arenele Romane in front of 5.000 fans. His songs were very popular and were played in heavy rotation at radio stations. „Poem” feat. Irina Rimes has more than 28 million views on Youtube, „Înainte să ne fi născut” more than 15 million views, „Jackpot” – more than 23 million views, „Versus”  with more than 24 million views. Denis Roabeș, launched at the beginning of August 2019 the project “BursaTheMotans” – dedicated to young people who are passionate about the field they have chosen, but they don’t have financial support to follow their dreams. Following an extensive recruitment process, 5 young people will receive 2080 lei each month, for 10 months.  Students from both Romania and the Republic of Moldova can participate. Everyone who wants to get one of the 5 scholarships must register for the project on The winners will be chosen by Denis and the Global Records team, taking into account their passion and the results they have achieved so far.

260 K+ monthly listeners
934 K+ followers