Vlad Munteanu

Vlad Munteanu proves that it’s all about being brave and honest. He started making videos on his channel at age 13 and made it a full-time career at 17. He rose to popularity by focusing on comedy videos and highlighting his editing skills, qualities that he has expanded over the years. A “Minecraft” gameplay was the debut of a successful collaboration starring his twin brother. From walk-throughs to reviews, crazy challenges, daily vlogs, and more, all peppered with funny, colourful and soft-ironic commentary, his varied content helped him rack up 1 million subscribers and form a seemingly personal relationship with his fans. “No guts, no glory” defines the Youtuber’s progress, stepping up his game with more than one diss track. Vlad Munteanu never ceases to amaze, so don’t be surprised when he’ll gain international recognition.

600 K+ monthly viewers
2.3 M+ followers