5GANG is the most popular teen band in Romania and the focus of thousands of youngsters which broke out through social media exposure and vlogs.Bandmates Selly, Gami, Diana, Madalin and Pain have reckoned a meteoric rise to fame and are now conquering the music industry. The band has earned  No.1 in the top trending YouTube charts with all their releases and such hits like “DM”, “Story” and “SOS” became the topping of all the parties.  It is certainly a phenomenon that manages to surprise from project to project, arouses curiosity and creates trends with each song. They are the first Romanian band to have held two concerts in one day at Arenele Romane, where they performed in front of 10.000 people. The first concert was sold out in less than a month. Since their debut, 5GANG`s popularity has continued to grow at a steady pace, and now they represent the voice of the young generation with more successes to come.

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700 K+ followers